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    Chemspec Europe 2011

    2020-11-12 14:31
    1、 Exhibition time: June 15-16, 2011
    2、 Venue: Geneva, Switzerland
    3、 Exhibition contents
    Pesticides, raw materials and pesticide intermediates; dyes, pigments and their intermediates and auxiliaries; customized / synthetic processing chemicals; pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates; feed and food additives; flavors and fragrances; catalysts and special auxiliaries (including leather, rubber, plastics, dyeing auxiliaries, etc.); daily chemicals and cleaning agents; surfactants; biological chemicals; oilfield chemicals; water supplies. Physical and chemical; automotive, electronic, aerospace chemical materials; photosensitive materials; ink; paraffin, etc.
    The exhibition is divided into different special exhibition areas according to different industry categories: pharmaceutical intermediates, dye special area, customized chemicals area, etc. different characteristic areas meet the audience needs of different products and make the visitors more targeted. In addition, a "meet with buyers" area will be set up to invite major customers with purchase intention to visit the exhibition and complete orders.
    4、 Exhibition introduction
    The exhibition is held by quartz business media every year in European cities with developed chemical industry, and has been held for 24 times. As the sole exhibitor, I am responsible for organizing the exhibition in China. Switzerland is located in the south central part of Europe, bordering Austria and Lichtenstein in the East, Italy in the south, France in the West and Germany in the north. It is known as the heart of Europe. In the industrial field of Switzerland, chemical industry is the second largest pillar industry after the electromechanical metal industry. Its output value accounts for 3.3% of Switzerland's GDP, and the total number of employees in the industry reaches 62600.
    contact information
    Company name: Exhibition Division of China Chemical Information Center
    Address: No.5, Yinghua East Street, north entrance of Heping Street, Beijing
    Postcode: 100029 contact person: Sun le
    Mobile phone: 13161749569 Tel / Fax: 010-64420732
    MSN: scL568@msn.com QQ:381506306 E-mail: scL568@163.com
    website: http://www.icif.com.cn
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