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    R & D team


    The group brings together a high-quality R & D team composed of experienced PhDs, Masters and other experts.  The R&D team has established long-term cooperations with Tianjin University, Nankai University and many other famous universities in China.


    There are spacious and modern laboratories  equipped with state-of-art experimental and testing devices, along with excellent R & D team members who are determined and devoted to R & D, shouldering the mission of exploring greener and more efficient chemical technologies and new products.  They work selflessly for their ideas, for the development of the company, and for a more fragrant and beautiful world in the future.


    Maximizing short-term benefits is not their pursuit. Their primary consideration in research and development is on environmental protection and for a sustainable development of the company.  They adhere to the green-is-the-king concept of research and development, take every step toward the goal.  Every year, a certain number of advanced green technology or products are born here, creating value and benefit the society.


    Here, there are unity, passion, trust, glory, and dreams.



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