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    Group Profile

    Description:Yingyang (China) Aroma Chemical Group was founded in the late 1980s.? It is a company that has been contributing to the Flavor & Fragrance industry for more than thirty years.? Mainly engaged in research, production and sales of Flavor and Fragrance materials, it has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of the kind in Asia.

    Yingyang (China) Aroma Chemical Group was founded in the late 1980s.  It is a company that has been contributing to the Flavor & Fragrance industry for more than thirty years.  Mainly engaged in research, production and sales of Flavor and Fragrance materials, it has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of the kind in Asia.

    Yingyang Group headquartered in Tianjin.  It has three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Yinghai (Cangzhou) company, Shandong Yingyang company and Tianjin Yingjiang company, plus one joint-venture facility, Liaoning Yinghe company.  The production sites and the group headquarters encircled Bohai Bay to take the advantage of numerous ports and expressways in the area for easy materials in-and-out.  The group has established long-term business relationships with the Top 10 F&F companies in the world.  Over 90% of the company products are exported to Europe, North and South Americas, Asia Pacific, and many other countries and regions in the world, occupying significant international market shares.

    The brand name of the group, Yinghai, enjoys the worldwide recognition in the F&F industry.  All of its production sites and products have obtained Kosher and HALAL certificates, ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification as well as ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification.  Major products have registered with REACH.

    Tianjin Yingjiang Company has a R&D center.  It also handles all domestic and oversea sales for all products produced in the group. 

    Yinghai (Cangzhou) Company is located in the Lingang Chemical Industrial Park, a state-level economic & technological development zone in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province.  It is merely 110 kilometers away from the Port of Tianjin.  It was established and commissioned in 2005.  It mainly produces phenylethyl alcohol, Musk Yinghai, dimethyl benzyl carbinol and their derivatives.  It also custom-manufactures products for some major international companies.  The total annual production volume is more than 20 thousand metric tons.  The company occupies a land of 47 hectares, with more than 500 employees on site.

    Shandong Yingyang Company is located in a designated chemical industrial park within the Binhai Economic & Technological Development Zone, a state-level zone, in Weifang City, Shandong Province.  It is only 150 kilometers away from Qingdao Port.  The company was commissioned in 2009.  It mainly produces Musk Yinghai, coumarin, and Rosalin.  The total annual production volume is over 10 thousand metric tons.  It occupies a land of 33 hectares with some 300 employees.

    Liaoning Yinghe Company is located in the Tieling Hi-Tech Development Zone, a provincial-level economic & technological development zone in Tieling City, Liaoning Province.  It was commissioned in 2014.  It mainly produces ethylene brassylate and some small products.  The company is on a land of 3.3 hectares with a little more than 30 people on site. 

    Yingyang Group always advocates “Safety First” and implements the standardized safety operation systems in its productions sites.  It ensures production safety by taking the “Five Safety Steps” method and conducting “Safety Audits”.  Cangzhou and Shandong sites have their own full-time fire brigades in addition to fire hydrants and high-pressure water cannons that cover all corners of production facilities.  All employees are trained and drilled on safety operations and fire-fighting techniques on a regular basis. 

    Yingyang Group upholds the “Green and Environmental” management concept and strictly complies with the national environmental laws and regulations.  Not only the Cangzhou and Shandong plants have succeeded in achieving a heavy vegetation coverage on an originally salt-alkali induced barren land, all production sites also strive on minimizing and processing all forms of waste-water, exhaust-gases, noise and residues.  There are waste-water process facilities in all production sites, along with the installations of solid-waste incinerator, RTO’s and other necessary facilities and equipment.  Both Cangzhou and Shandong companies have implemented new natural-gas boilers to replace their previous coal-fired boilers to comply with the new regulations.

    TV set and WIFI signals are provided to dormitories for shift-workers, along with gyms, table tennis rooms, basketball courts and other recreational facilities for employees to relax after work.  Furthermore, the company cafeterias at all production sites provide three times a day with nutrient-rich and tasty meals to comforting the bodies and souls of every employee at Yingyang Group.

    Yingyang Group proactively assumes social responsibilities, promotes employment in respective regions, pays taxes to the local government, and contributes to the regional and national economic development.

    Despite of difficulties and challenges, Yingyang people keep marching on the course of “producing greener, better, and environment-friendly products” for a more fragrant and beautiful world for mankind!


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    Copyright: Yingyang (china) Aroma Chemical Group  冀ICP備19031387號-1   


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